Candidate instructions for remote proctoring test


Please read these instructions carefully:

    Step 1: Make sure You are logged in as administrator or have any Admin Right User account.

    Step 2: Make sure your Webcam is functional.

    Step 3: Download - Safe Exam Browser 2.4 for Windows.

      NOTICE: Make sure to save the file to the local C:\Downloads drive, not to a network/Thumb drive.

    Step 4: Right Click on the file SafeExamBroswerInstaller.exe, select RUN AS Administrator and install the EXE.

    Step 5: Once you have completed the installation, Download ((SRMJEEE-2022-Phase III)(SRMJEEL-2022 Phase II)(SRMJEEH-UG-2022-Phase II)(SRMJEEN-UG-2022 Phase I) Mock Test) the configuration file and execute this file as shown below. This will configure your browser with the test settings. If you get any warning message, press Yes/OK. Once this is done, your set-up is ready to take the test.

    Step 6: Open the SafeExamBrowser from Apps, the login screen will be displayed.

    Step 7: Please enter the "Exam User Name" and "Exam Password" mentioned in the hall ticket. (Note: It will be the same credentials for both Mock Exam as well as Main Exam).

    The Below screens will be seen after successfull login only, this is for your references only.

    After successful login, you will be asked to take Capture Your Photo , Click on the "Take Snapshot" to capture the photo, if the captured photo is clear, then click on the "Next" button to continue

    Capture Your Photo ID Card , Click on the "Take Snapshot" to capture the Photo ID Card, if the captured Photo ID Card is clear, then click on the "Next" button to continue

    Select the appropriate paper which you will be taking the test, then click on the "Submit" button to continue (Next re-login, this screen will be not displayed)

    Details of Program Applied, and Paper selected will be displayed, if you are sure about the selected paper, then click on the "Confirm" button to continue, or click on the "Cancel" button to go back to the previous screen, and select the appropriate paper. (Next re-login; this screen will be not displayed)

    Details of question paper opted for, Application photo and Captured photo will be displayed, then click on "Continue" button to continue

    Read the instructions carefully , then click on "I Agree" button to continue

    Instructions about the buttons used in the test , then click on "Agree and Continue" button to continue

    You can choose the subject which you want to answer first, then click on "Start" button to continue, the "Start" button will appear once the administrator starts the test.

    Once test started the question will be displaying on the screen one question at a time, option you clicked on would be stored as and when you click on the "Next Question" button. During the entire test duration, pictures of you taking the test will be captured through the webcam, at random intervals

    Once your test is submitted, a "Thank You" page will be displayed on the screen. You may now quit the application by following the EXIT instructions displayed below the Thank you message. This should exit the Safe Exam Browser and provide access to your computer's desktop again.

Note: Stable Internet Connection is Mandatory (Recommended above 2 Mbps and Minimum suggested 1 Mbps)

All the best.


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