Candidate instructions for remote proctoring test (Desktop / Laptop)


Dear Candidate
  1. You will be taking the (SRMJEEE-2022-Phase III)(SRMJEEL-2022 Phase II)(SRMJEEH-UG-2022-Phase II)(SRMJEEN-UG-2022 Phase I) Mock Test from your residence or any convenient location. (For more information, please refer to the DO’s instructions, given alongside these instructions)
  2. You are being invigilated / proctored by a remote proctor, who will be watching you throughout the test, via Web-Cam
  3. The remote proctor has the facility to send you a warning message if he finds you doing anything suspicious, or if you are found to be indulging in any malpractice activity during the course of the test and he is authorized to intervene and to pause your test, if required.
  4. Please ensure that you read the Do’s and Don’ts given in these instructions and strictly adhere to them before and during the test.
  5. In the next page, you will be given detailed instructions to install the SAFE EXAM BROWSER and Configuration file. Please read these instructions carefully and do the needful. Your test setup must be completed at least 150 minutes before the start of the test.
  6. Login to the Safe Exam Browser that you have installed, as per the instructions given, to take the test. The test will automatically start, at the time scheduled.
  7. You will be shown only one question at a time. You may select the appropriate option to answer the question and click on the “Next Question” Button which will appear below to every question, to go to the next question.
  8. If you are not sure of the answer to a question, you may skip the question and move to the next question by clicking on the “Next Button” which will appear below to every question.
  9. You cannot review the answered or skipped questions.
  10. The total duration of the Mock Test is 20 minutes.
  11. After reading all the instructions and the Do’s and Don’ts, please click on the check box below to proceed to the next page.
Do's and Don'ts
  1. Ensure that you have a good working computer
    • Computer - Pentium IV/Dual Core, 1GB RAM or higher,
    • 80 GB HDD or higher,
    • 15″ colour Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse,
    • Microsoft Windows 10 and Antivirus,
    • Webcam and microphone
    • Internet connection of at least 1 MBPS
    • A private room without external disturbance/noise
  2. Place the computer on a table, such that your back is facing the wall and there are no devices placed in the background
  3. The room where you sit should be quiet, with no background noise and only you should be present in the room, for the entire duration of the test.
  4. Keep your computer table, clear of any object, paper, books and any other electronic material like Mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.
  5. Ensure proper lighting (no back light) so that your face is clearly visible on the web-cam.
  6. Ensure that you are dressed formally
  7. You are advised to tie your hairs in case you are having long hairs
  1. Do not take any help from others while taking the test
  2. Do not wear any Bluetooth devices
  3. Do not use any mobile devices when taking the test
  4. Do not read out anything loudly.
  5. Do not leave the work station while taking the test.
  6. Do not wear glare glasses when taking the test.
  7. Do not play the radio/TV/ Music in the background.
  8. Do not look to the left, right or top when taking the test.
  9. Do not let anyone enter the room while you are taking the test.

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